Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honor and majesty:  Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment... Psalm CIV

Divine love and wisdom are substance and form in themselves, thus the one and only absolute. E. Swedenborg



"The Divine that goes forth from the Lord is called in heaven Divine truth, for a reason that will presently appear. This Divine truth flows into heaven from the Lord from His Divine love. The Divine love and the Divine truth therefrom are related to each other as the fire of the sun and the light therefrom in the world, love resembling the fire of the sun and truth therefrom light from the sun. Moreover, by correspondence fire signifies love, and light truth going forth from love. From this it is clear what the Divine truth that goes forth from the Lord's Divine love is-that in its essence it is Divine good joined to Divine truth, and being so conjoined it vivifies all things of heaven; just as in the world when the sun's heat is joined to light it makes all things of the earth fruitful, which takes place in spring and summer. It is otherwise when the heat is not joined with the light, that is, when the light is cold; then all things become torpid and lie dead. With the angels this Divine good, which is compared to heat, is the good of love; and Divine truth, which is compared to light, is that through which and out of which good of love comes." (Emanuel Swedenborg)

“There are in man from the Lord two faculties by which he is distinguished from beasts. One faculty is the ability to understand what truth is and what good is. This faculty is called rationality, and is a faculty of his understanding. The other faculty is the ability to do what is true and good. This faculty is called freedom, and is a faculty of his will. For man, by his rationality, is able to think whatever he pleases, either with or against God, and either with or against the neighbour. He can also will and do what he thinks. But when he sees evil and fears punishment, he is able, by his freedom, to abstain from doing it. Man is a man by reason of these two faculties, and is distinguished from beasts. Man has these two faculties from the Lord, and has them from Him continually, nor are they taken away, for if they were taken away, man's human would perish. In these two faculties, the Lord is with every man, with the good man as well as the evil. They are the Lord's dwelling-place in the human race. Hence it is that every man, whether good or evil, lives to eternity. But the Lord's dwelling is nearer in man as man by means of these faculties, opens the higher degrees. For by the opening of these, man comes into higher degrees of love and wisdom, thus nearer to the Lord. From these things it can be established that as these degrees are opened, so man is in the Lord, and the Lord in him.” (Emanuel Swedenborg)

"Abandon error for Truth, and illusion for Reality. To sin is to dream, and to love sin is to love darkness. They who love darkness are involved in the darkness ; they have not yet seen the light. He who has seen the light does not choose to walk in darkness. To see the Truth is to love it, and, in comparison, error has no beauty. The dreamer is now in pleasure, now in pain; this hour in confidence, the next in fear. He is without stability, and has no abiding refuge. When the monsters of remorse and retribution pursue him, whither can he fly ? There is no place of safety unless he awake. Let the dreamer struggle with his dream ; let him strive to realise the illusory nature of all self-seeking desire, and lo ! he will open his spiritual eyes upon the world of Light and Truth. He will be happy, sane, and peaceful, seeing things as they are. Truth is the Light of the universe, the day of the mind.

 BY these four things is the heart defiled— the craving for pleasure, the clinging to temporal things, the love of self, the lust for personal continuance ; from these four defilements spring all sins and sorrows. Wash thou thy heart ; put away sensual cravings ; detach thy mind from the wish for possessions ; abandon self-defence and self-importance. Thus putting away all cravings, thou wilt attain to satisfaction ; detaching thy mind from the love of perishable things, thou wilt acquire wisdom ; abandoning the thought of self, thou wilt come to peace. He who is pure is free from desire ; he does not crave for sensual excitements ; he sets no value on perishable things ; he is the same in riches and poverty, in success or failure, in victory or defeat, in life or death. His happiness remains, his rest is sure. Be strenuous in effort, patient in endurance, strong in resolution. Hold fast to love, and let it shape thy doing.

The Knowledge of Truth is an abiding consolation. WHEN all else fails, Truth does not fail. When the heart is desolate and the world affords no shelter, Truth provides a peaceful refuge and a quiet rest. The cares of life are many, and its path is beset with difficulties ; but Truth is greater than care, and is superior to all difficulties. Truth lightens our burdens ; it lights up our pathway with the radiance of joy. Loved ones pass away, friends fail, and possessions disappear. Where then is the voice of comfort ? Where is the whisper of consolation ? Truth is the comforter of the comfortless, and the consoler of them that are deserted. Truth does not pass away, nor fail, nor disappear. Truth bestows the consolation of abiding peace. Be alert, and listen, that ye may hear the call of Truth, even the voice of the Great Awakener. Truth removes the sting from affliction, and disperses the clouds of trouble." (James Allen)

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