Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honor and majesty:  Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment... Psalm CIV

Divine love and wisdom are substance and form in themselves, thus the one and only absolute. E. Swedenborg


























Scientists always claim that they are searching for Truth. They say that they are seeking to discover the ultimate causes and laws of the universe. This is certainly a noble goal. In fact, they have discovered many laws that govern interactions in the physical world. For example, Newton discovered the law of Universal Gravitation and Maxwell discovered the laws of electromagnetic interaction. The law of Universal Gravitation only applies to large-scale objects such as galaxies, stars and planets. And the laws of electromagnetism only apply to fields of electrons and magnetism. Actually, these laws only apply to specific scales or levels of the physical universe. In fact, in the subatomic world of elementary particles or the quantum world, physicists have discovered that consciousness and uncertainty play an important part in determining how quanta behave. And, since scientists do not like uncertainty, they are presently developing theories which incorporate many physical dimensions to account for such behavior.

There is one big assumption that scientists always make when they are searching for Truth: they always assume that the universe is purely physical. Now, if the universe were purely physical, consciousness and uncertainty would never have emerged in quantum theory. In fact, when they discovered quantum theory, they did discover the Truth. The physical world is a realm of effects and the causes of these effects are in the world of consciousness or mind. But whose mind? It is certainly not the mind of a human being who is observing a quantum experiment! No, it is the mind of God. What is the mind of God? Photons of Light are synonymous with quanta. Thus, it is the mind  of God, spiritual Light or Truth which governs the  behavior of natural Light, photons or quanta by correspondence and influx. In fact, the higher dimensions of the universe are dimensions of mind and spirit. And the higher dimensions of natural Light are Truth and Love.

The Laws of the physical world are in correspondence with the Laws of the involution and evolution of Love in higher dimensions.  The uncertainty that can be detected in the quantum world is in correspondence with the spiritual freedom of Love. This would also account for freewill in human beings. But there is also Law in the universe. Thus, particles, atoms, molecules and beings are free to interact on all levels but only those particles, atoms, molecules and beings that are in harmony are able to form more coherent structures. This would account for the evolution  of DNA molecules of biological life as well as the evolution of man. Man’s mind and will are returning or evolving into an image of the mind and will of God or Truth and Love.

Scientists will never discover Truth as long as they assume that the universe is purely physical. The mathematical world is a world of abstract symbols and forms; it cannot detect substance. And the fundamental substance of the universe is Love.  In fact, the Truth is so close to us that we fail to detect it. If man is the image of God, as the Bible states, then we do not have to look very far to discover the form of Love. The human body and soul are  an accurate model of the universe. And, like the human body and soul, the universe is a higher-dimensional vortex that is realizing Truth and Love. This is where all the causes and purposes of the universe originate.


 That these three essentials of the Divine Love were the cause of Creation may be clearly seen from a careful examination of them. That the first, which is to love others outside of itself, was a cause is evident from the universe, which is outside of God as the world is outside of the sun, and to which He can extend His love, and in which He can exercise His love and consequently rest; as it is written that after God had created the heaven and the earth, He rested; and thus originated the Sabbath day, Gen. ii. 2, 3. That the second, which is to desire to be one with them, was a cause is evident from the creation of man in the image and likeness of God. By this is meant that man was made a form recipient of love and wisdom from God, so that He could unite Himself with man and, for his sake, with the whole universe and everything in it, as these are but means; for conjunction with a final cause implies also conjunction with mediate causes. That all things were created for the sake of man is evident from the Book of Creation, or Genesis, i. 28, 29, 30. That the third essential of Divine Love, which is to make others happy from itself, is a cause of Creation is evident from the angelic heaven, which is provided for every man who receives the Love of God, where all are made happy from God alone. These three essentials of the Love of God are also the cause of the preservation of the universe, for preservation is perpetual creation, just as subsistence is perpetual existence; and as the Divine Love from eternity to eternity is the same, it is and it remains in the world after its creation such as it was when the world was being created. Emanuel Swedenborg [TCR 46]

That natural things represent spiritual things, and that they correspond, may also be known from the fact that what is natural cannot possibly come forth except  from a  cause prior to itself. Its cause is from what is spiritual; and there is nothing natural which does not thence derive its cause. Natural forms are effects; nor can they appear as causes, still less as causes of causes, or beginnings; but they receive their forms according to the use in the place where they are; and yet the forms of the effects represent the things which are of the causes; and indeed these latter things represent those which are of the beginnings. Thus all natural things represent those which are of the spiritual things to which they correspond; and in fact the spiritual things also represent those which are of the celestial things from which they are. Emanuel Swedenborg [AC2991]

Who does not see that the end is not the cause, but that it produces the cause, and that the cause is not the effect, but that it produces the effect; consequently that they are three distinct things which follow in order? The end with man is the love of his will, for what a man loves, this he proposes to himself and intends; the cause with him is the reason of his understanding, for by means of it the end seeks for mediate or efficient causes; and the effect is the operation of the body from them and according to them. Thus there are three things in man, which follow each other in order, in like manner as the degrees of altitude follow each other. When these three things appear in act, then the end is inwardly in the cause, and the end through the cause is in the effect, wherefore the three coexist in the effect. On this account it is said in the Word, that everyone shall be judged according to his works; for the end, or the love of his will, and the cause, or the reason of his understanding, are together in the effects, which are the works of his body; thus the quality of the whole man is in them. Emanuel Swedenborg [ISB 17]



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