Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honor and majesty:  Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment... Psalm CIV

Divine love and wisdom are substance and form in themselves, thus the one and only absolute. E. Swedenborg













Most scientists believe the mind of man was the result of the evolution of matter into more complex and coherent forms such as the complex and intricate network of neurons in the human brain. This is a logical, reasonable or rational assumption. However, the same scientists then mistakenly conclude that intelligence and mind are caused by natural and material forces such as gravity.

It is certainly true that man is evolving into fields of higher intelligence. But this is not the whole story. These  higher-dimensional intelligent fields of mind were already present before man evolved into them. It would be a mistake to believe that higher-dimensional fields do not exist simply because they are invisible to our physical sight.

The process of the universe is not only an evolution from matter as most scientists believe; it is  an involution from Love and Wisdom into matter as well as an evolution from matter into mind and will. The will and mind of man are evolving into an image of the will and mind of God. God's will is Divine Love and God's mind is Divine Truth. Thus, God's will created or involved the material world from higher-dimensional  fields of Love and Intelligence by correspondence and influx before man could eventually evolve from the Earth from DNA, plant, animal and human species.

We know that biological substances are made of DNA molecules. And these DNA molecules are in the form of helices because these coherent structures are evolving in correspondence  with the toroidal vortices of Love. When man understands Truth and realizes Love through acts of usefulness, the neurons in his brain are creating a spiritual body of loving affections and true beliefs that has the capacity to subsist in the higher-dimensional fields of Heaven. The neural networks in his brain are then in correspondence with fields of mind and love. Our brain and our mind are discrete and linked by correspondence. Our brain is physical and our mind is spiritual. When we die physically, our brain dies but our mind remains alive because it is eternal.

This was God's purpose in creating the whole universe and matter itself. The material world was required in God’s creation so that human beings would be able to possess an independent self capable of freely reciprocating Love. In the higher-dimensional fields of Love and Wisdom, angels are conjoined with God and affiliated with each other in a Heaven of mutual Love, Wisdom and Use.

Thus, we can conclude that the human mind is evolving or returning into the higher-dimensional fields of Love and Wisdom. But these fields of mind and Love were already present before matter came into existence.

Look at the brain, and you will see countless substances, and likewise fibers, and nothing there that is not organized. What need is there for any further confirmation beyond that of the eye?

But the question is, what are affection and thought there? This we can conclude from each and all the organs in the body. Found in it are many viscera, each seated in its own fixed place and performing its functions by changes and variations in its state and form. It is a known fact that each is engaged in its own functions, the stomach in its, the intestines in theirs, the kidneys in theirs, the liver, pancreas and spleen in theirs, and the heart and lungs in theirs, all of these activities being actuated solely from within, and to be actuated from within is to be actuated by changes and variations in the state and form.

It can be seen from this that the operations of the purely organic substances of the mind are no different, excepting that the operations of the organic substances of the body are natural, while those of the mind are spiritual; and that the two are united by correspondences.

Everything affirmed by the will and intellect together remains to eternity for the reason that everyone is an expression of his love, and love is a property of his will. A second reason is that every person is an expression of his good or evil, as everything he calls good is connected with his love, and so, too, everything he calls evil.
 Since a person is an expression of his love, he is also the embodiment of his love and may be called the instrument of his life's love.

Above we said that the affections of a person's love and his consequent thoughts are changes and variations in the state and form of the organic substances of his mind. We must now explain what those changes and variations are, and their nature. From the heart and lungs an idea of them can be gained as being alternating expansions and compressions or dilations and contractions, which in the heart are called the systole and diastole, and in the lungs respirations, the latter being reciprocal distensions and retractions or enlargements and constrictions of the lungs' lobes.

These are the changes and variations in the state of the heart and lungs. Similar ones occur in the rest of the body's organs, and similar ones also in their parts, by which the blood and animating fluid are received and forwarded.

Similar changes and variations take place in the organic forms of the mind, which, as we have shown above, are the vessels of a person's affections and thoughts, but with the difference that their expansions and compressions or reciprocal motions occur in such comparatively higher perfection that they cannot be described in the words of natural language, but only in the words of spiritual language. These can be heard only as vortical spiralings in and out, in the manner of perpetually coiled helixes wonderfully combined into forms receptive of life. Emanuel Swedenborg [DP 279, 319]


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