Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honor and majesty:  Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment... Psalm CIV

Divine love and wisdom are substance and form in themselves, thus the one and only absolute. E. Swedenborg



We have seen that Divine Love (or God’s substance) is a vortex that is involving and evolving. And, we are told in the Word of God (or Bible) that man was created in the image and likeness of God. This essentially means the human organism is a very complex higher-dimensional vortex. This human vortex consists of three discrete levels (or dimensions). The human cerebellum/cerebrum is the focus of the nervous level. The human heart/lungs is the focus of the circulatory/respiratory level. The human stomach/liver/kidneys is the focus of the digestive level. These three levels of the human vortex correspond to the Celestial, Spiritual and Natural Heavens respectively.

The human organism is in effect a very complex higher-dimensional vortex designed to realize Wisdom-Love. And, due to the correspondence of our natural body with our spiritual body, we can understand our soul's higher-dimensional processes by studying biological processes. On the natural level, proper digestion is the means by which we tend to stay healthy. Physically, we ingest and digest food, air and light-impressions. This is how our physical body is kept alive. The nutritive elements of food are digested by the various organs of the abdomen to produce new biological cells. What is not nutritive is evacuated as waste by the colon. On the level of the thorax, air is inhaled by the lungs to oxygenate blood cells and Carbon-Dioxide is exhaled. And, finally, we also receive all kinds of sense-impressions from the world into our brain. These impressions continually accumulate as knowledge in our memory. And, when these impressions are not in accord with our beliefs, they become toxic. We usually try to evacuate them by expressing our discontent verbally.

By correspondence, spiritually, we ingest and digest affections, ideas and perceptions from the spiritual atmosphere. Understanding (rationality) and judging (conscience) are the means by which we can properly digest these spiritual perceptions. Loving or good (unselfish) affections should be digested  while evil (selfish) affections should be evacuated by means of our  will or heart (conscience). Righteous or Rational thoughts should be digested by our mind (understanding) while falsities and fantasies should be evacuated. Just like poisonous food and polluted air cause indigestion and asphyxiation on the natural level, negative emotions and irrational ideas can poison and destroy our spiritual body. In contrast, loving affections and Rational ideas are embedded within our spiritual body and enable it to grow and strengthen.

Human Vortex1


The universe is also a Divine-Human vortex where human souls are eventually ingested and digested. The day of judgment that we read about in the Bible is the day of our physical death. When we die physically, our physical senses are essentially turned off and our consciousness enters the spiritual world where everything we experience is in exact correspondence with our real loves and beliefs. But where we ultimately end up is dependent on the substance of our spiritual body. Righteous and loving human souls are digested and eventually embodied in the Divine-Human body (Heaven) while lustful and false human souls are evacuated into the dark realms of hell. Heaven is a harmonic higher-dimensional field that is continually enriched by new loving affections and intelligent thoughts from the creation of new angels from the human race. All memories contained in the hearts and minds of human beings can potentially increase the holiness and reality of Heaven. The harmonic waves of righteous souls interfere harmonically (resonate) with the vortex of Divine Love and increase its reality while the discordant waves of evil souls must necessarily be evacuated because they would interfere destructively. In fact, the function of angels is to maintain Heaven in a state of holiness by incorporating what is True and Good and evacuating what is false and  evil.


The toroidal vortex is a peculiar geometric structure that allows individuality as well as interconnectivity. In the image above we can see how vortical galaxies can be discrete and separate and yet be interconnected in the fabric of higher-dimensional reality. And since human biological cells as well as human beings are also vortical organisms, they can also be unique, discrete and separate as well as interconnected in the higher-dimensonal Divine-human field of Love, Wisdom and Use. Thus, in higher dimensions, humans are interconnected and separated by spiritual spheres of affection and thought through sympathy and antipathy.

 From each individual there comes, or rather pours forth, a spiritual sphere due to the affections of his love; this surrounds him and enters into the natural sphere coming from the body, and they are linked together. It is commonly known in the world that there is a natural sphere continuously emanating from the body, not only from human beings, but also from animals, and indeed from trees, fruits, flowers, and also from metals. It is much the same in the spiritual world; but there the spheres which emanate from objects are spiritual. The spheres emanating from spirits and angels are more deeply spiritual, because they possess affections of love, and so inward perceptions and thoughts. This is the origin of every kind of sympathy or antipathy, and it is what links everything or holds it apart. Presence or absence in that world depends upon these spheres, for what is of the same nature and concordant causes presence and linking, but what is of different nature and discordant causes separation and absence. These spheres therefore are what create distance there.

 Certain people are also aware of the effects produced by these spiritual spheres in the natural world. The mutual inclination of married couples towards each other are from no other origin. Spheres of unanimity and concord unite, those of opposition and discord separate; for concordant spheres are pleasant and welcome, opposing and discordant ones unpleasant and unwelcome.

 I have heard from angels, who are able to perceive the spheres clearly, that there is not a single internal or external part of a person which is not renewing itself. It does this by dissolving and being replaced, and this is the source of the sphere which continually pours forth. They said that this sphere is packed closely around the person to the back and to the front, thinly at the back, but densely at the front. The sphere coming from the chest is linked with respiration. That is why a married couple who differ in disposition and disagree in their affections lie in bed turned away from each other, back to back. Conversely, those who agree in disposition and affections turn towards each other.

 They also said that since the spheres come from every part of the person and extend to some distance around him, they not only link or separate the couple from without, but also from within. This, they said, is the origin of all the differences and varieties in conjugial love. They ended by saying that the sphere of love coming from a wife who is tenderly loved is perceived in heaven as a sweet fragrance, notably more pleasant than that perceived in the world by a newly wed bridegroom in the first days after his wedding. These facts make plain the truth of the assertion that a wife is linked to her husband by the sphere of life which comes from her love for him. Emanuel Swedenborg [CL 171]



No one can deny that the universe displays works of beauty, grace and harmony and neither can any one refute that it also displays ugliness, discordance and cruelty. But why and how it accomplishes this can only be understood by discovering the essential structure that pervades all being and existence.

Have you ever wondered why stars and planets rotate and revolve harmonically in outer space, why galaxies are shaped like vortices of light, why storms transform into vortical cyclones, why electrons revolve around nuclei in inner space, why atoms are arranged in periodic spirals of elements, why DNA molecules are helical in form, why flowers bloom into golden spirals, why seashells and deer horns are vortical, why galaxy clusters are interconnected like the neurons of the human brain, or why natural evolution culminated in the human form? Well, this is not a coincidence! This occurs because all processes in the universe are vortical.

But why would a vortex be the essential shape of the universe? The center of the vortex is a singularity; the vortex relates God (Infinite Being) and the finite and unbounded universe. In fact, the universe itself is a higher-dimensional vortex that relates God and all created beings by means of Love.

Divine Love expands infinitely by embedding new angels derived from the human race.  Wise and Loving human souls interfere harmonically with the dynamic vortex of Love (Heaven)  while all discordant human souls are evacuated out of Heaven and freely attracted by the dark realms of hell.

The Human Vortex: The Key to all knowledge

The Universal Vortex: The universe is a higher-dimensional Vortex that reconciles the Infinite and the finite

The Electromagnetic Vortex: All matter is separated by electricity and united by magnetism

The Gravitational Vortex: Galaxies, stars and planets are separated by radiation and united  by gravitation

The Atomic Vortex: The periodic table of atomic elements is a vortex of atoms of increasing density

The Chemical Vortex: All molecules are harmonically organized vortices of atoms  

The Biological Vortex: All biological and organic creatures are formed of vortices of DNA molecules

The Psychological Vortex: The soul of man is a vortex of mind and will capable of understanding Truth and reciprocating Love.

The Theological Vortex: God creates, sustains and governs free beings from the vortex of Divine Love and Wisdom

The Spiritual Vortex: The Bible is a higher-dimensional vortex of meaning that connects God, angels and human beings by correspondence and influx

The Angelic Vortex. Humans are transformed into angels by spiraling into the Vortex of Heavenly Wisdom, Love and Use

Everything affirmed by the will and intellect together remains to eternity for the reason that everyone is an expression of his love, and love is a property of his will. A second reason is that every person is an expression of his good or evil, as everything he calls good is connected with his love, and so, too, everything he calls evil.

Since a person is an expression of his love, he is also the embodiment of his love and may be called the instrument of his life's love.

In no. 279 above we said that the affections of a person's love and his consequent thoughts are changes and variations in the state and form of the organic substances of his mind. We must now explain what those changes and variations are, and their nature. From the heart and lungs an idea of them can be gained as being alternating expansions and compressions or dilations and contractions, which in the heart are called the systole and diastole, and in the lungs respirations, the latter being reciprocal distensions and retractions or enlargements and constrictions of the lungs' lobes.

These are the changes and variations in the state of the heart and lungs. Similar ones occur in the rest of the body's organs, and similar ones also in their parts, by which the blood and animating fluid are received and forwarded.

[2] Similar changes and variations take place in the organic forms of the mind, which, as we have shown above, are the vessels of a person's affections and thoughts, but with the difference that their expansions and compressions or reciprocal motions occur in such comparatively higher perfection that they cannot be described in the words of natural language, but only in the words of spiritual language. These can be heard only as vortical spiralings in and out, in the manner of perpetually coiled helixes wonderfully combined into forms receptive of life.

[3] We will now describe the nature of these purely organic forms and substances in evil people and in good people. In good people they spiral forward, but in evil people backward. Moreover, those which spiral forward are turned to the Lord and receive influx from Him, while those which spiral backward are turned toward hell and receive influx from there.

It should be known that in the measure they are turned backward they are open behind and closed in front, and conversely, that in the measure they are turned forward they are open in front and closed behind. It can be seen from this the kind of form or instrument an evil person is, and the kind of form or instrument a good person is, namely that they are turned in opposite directions. And because, once induced, the turning cannot be reversed, it is apparent that what a person is like when he dies, so he remains to eternity.

The love belonging to a person's will is what causes this turning, or what turns him this way or that, for as we said above, every person is an expression of his love. For this reason everyone goes the way of his love after death, to heaven if he has been directed by a good love, and to hell if he has been directed by an evil love. Nor does he find rest except in the society where his is the reigning love. And what is surprising, everyone knows the way. It is as though his nostrils smelled it. EMANUEL SWEDENBORG DP 319


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