Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honor and majesty:  Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment... Psalm CIV

Divine love and wisdom are substance and form in themselves, thus the one and only absolute. E. Swedenborg




Have you ever wondered why the human form is the way it is? The human form is harmonically proportioned. But this outer graceful form hides a whole universe or intelligent organization. The human body consists of about 100,000,000,000,000  organic cells. The useful work of these diverse cells is what keeps the human body alive and healthy.  Every human cell is in its appropriate place and intelligently performing its unique and individual function. And yet, each human cell must have an overall understanding of the whole human body in order to do its own work properly.

The human body also consists of three essential systems that seem to be discrete or separate and yet connected in some way. The digestive system converts natural food and water into new human cells. The stomach breaks down the food with acid, the small intestines continue the process by digesting what is nutritious and the colon evacuates what is not. The digested food is then metabolized in the liver and the kidneys filter blood cells from impurities. The circulatory / pulmonary system, which is propelled by the heart and lungs, oxygenates blood and circulates new blood cells to the appropriate parts in the body. Finally, the nervous system, which consists of neurons,  begins in the brain and coordinates and controls the voluntary and involuntary actions through the use of electrical signals.

Now, it is an interesting fact that scientists never ask themselves what is propelling these human cells to continue to do the wonderful work that they do. And where does their intelligence originate? Some scientists are now saying that it all started with gravity and then everything evolved into intelligence. So,  maybe we should all start worshipping gravity! If scientists could reason beyond their sensual mind, they would discover that the gravitational and electro-magnetic fields are in correspondence with the Wisdom-Love field in higher dimensions (or Heaven). Galaxies are in a vortical form, stars radiate Light and planets rotate and revolve because they are in correspondence with the higher-dimensional vortex of Wisdom-Love. And the human natural body is also a very complex vortex that is in correspondence with Heaven. This is the only way we can explain why human cells behave intelligently.









As we see, the human body, mind and soul evolved in correspondence with the organization of Heaven. Heaven is a higher-dimensional human vortex that is realizing Love. Angels are the organic cells of Heaven or the Divine-Human. Each angel is performing a unique and useful function in a certain part of Heaven. But the flesh of this higher-dimensional vortex is Divine (or unselfish) Love and its blood is Divine Wisdom. The Love of Heaven becomes more real as more angels enter Heaven from the human race. Therefore, like the human body is ingesting and digesting natural food, Heaven is ingesting and digesting human souls.  When a human being dies and enters the spiritual atmosphere, he is stripped of all artificial pretense by the spiritual organs of the Natural Heaven and his real loves and beliefs are exposed. If his soul contains any unselfish love and truth, he is then propelled to a heavenly society that is in harmony with his loving affections and true beliefs. It is in this society that he will be performing his unique and distinct spiritual function. But, like food that is not nutritious, a human soul that consists of lusts and falsities is evacuated out of heaven and into realms of spiritual darkness.

Our own human body and soul were designed in the image of Heaven and continue to be maintained, healed and sustained by the higher-dimensional fields of Heaven. We not only ingest and digest natural food; we also ingest all kinds of ideas or knowledge, and digest these ideas by means of reason. When these ideas agree with our loves and desires, we are able to digest them and they become part of our soul. But our soul only becomes truly nourished  when we digest the water of Truth and the bread of unselfish Love.

 Why the heavenly field, vortices and habitations correspond to the parts of a human being

 The reason why the parts of a human being interact with the heavens and its habitations, and lower things are felt under the feet - and in fact as coldness, according to the experiences adduced previously  - is that God the Messiah, as Human, fills the universe, so that the things in the universe interact with Him. Therefore Heaven is God the Messiah Himself, because He is all in all things, and thus the heavenly field, vortices and habitations correspond to Him and His parts. Otherwise, Heaven and the universe could not go on. (SE 279 Emanuel Swedenborg)

“Jesus said to them, “Very truly I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day. For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them. Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me. This is the bread that came down from heaven. Your ancestors ate manna and died, but whoever feeds on this bread will live forever.”” John 6:53-58


 It is important to know what the form of heaven is, because not only is all affiliation there in accordance with it, but also all mutual communication, and in consequence of this all extension of thoughts and affections, and thus all the intelligence and wisdom of angels. From this it follows that each one there is wise just to the extent that he is in the form of heaven, and is thus a form of heaven. It makes no difference whether you say in the form of heaven, or in the order of heaven, since the form of any thing is from its order and in accordance with its order.

Let us consider first what is meant by being in the form of heaven. Man was created both in the image of heaven and in the image of the world; his internal in the image of heaven, and his external in the image of the world; and in the image means the same thing as in accordance with the form. But as man by the evils of his will and consequent falsities of thought has destroyed in himself the image of heaven, that is, the form of heaven, and in place of it has brought in the image and form of hell, his internal is closed up from his very birth; and this is why man is born into pure ignorance, while animals of every kind are not. And that man may have the image of heaven or form of heaven restored to him he must be taught the things that pertain to order; since form, as has been said, is in accord with order. The Word contains all the laws of Divine order, for its precepts are the laws of Divine order; therefore to the extent that man knows these and lives in accordance with them his internal is opened and the order or image of heaven is there formed anew. This makes clear what is meant by being in the form of heaven, namely, that it is to live in accordance with those things that are in the Word.

So far as any one is in the form of heaven he is in heaven, and is, in fact, a heaven in the least form; consequently he is to the same extent in intelligence and wisdom; for as has been said above, all the thought of his understanding and all the affection of his will extend themselves on every side into heaven in accord with its form, and wonderfully communicate with the societies there, and these in turn with him.

There are some who do not believe that thoughts and affections really extend themselves around about them, but believe that they are within them, because whatever they think they see within in themselves, and not as distant; but such are greatly mistaken. For as the sight of the eye has extension to remote objects, and is affected in accordance with the order of the things seen in that extension, so the interior sight, which is that of the understanding, has a like extension in the spiritual world, although not perceived by man, for the reason given above. The only difference is that the sight of the eye is affected in a natural way, because it is affected by the things in the natural world, while the sight of the understanding is affected in a spiritual way, because by the things in the spiritual world, all of which have relation to good and truth; and man's ignorance of this is because of his not knowing that there is any light that enlightens the understanding; and yet without the light that enlightens the understanding man could not think at all. Emanuel Swedenborg [HH 201-203]

We come into heaven if our love is heavenly and spiritual and into hell if our love is carnal and worldly without any heavenly and spiritual dimension. My evidence for this conclusion is all the people I have seen raised into heaven and cast into hell. The ones who were raised into heaven had lives of heavenly and spiritual love, while the ones who were cast into hell had lives of carnal and worldly love. Heavenly love is loving what is good, honest, and fair because it is good, honest, and fair, and doing it because of that love. This is why they have a life of goodness, honesty, and fairness, which is a heavenly life. If we love these things for their own sakes and do or live them, we are also loving the Lord above all because they come from him. We are also loving our neighbor, because these things are our neighbor who is to be loved. Carnal love, though, is loving what is good and honest and fair not for their own sakes but for our own sake, because we can use them to gain prestige, position, and profit. In this case we are not focusing on the Lord and our neighbor within what is good and honest and fair but on ourselves and the world, and we enjoy deceit. When the motive is deceit, then whatever is good and honest and fair is actually evil and dishonest and unfair. This is what we love within [the outward appearance].

Since these loves define our lives, we are all examined as to our quality immediately after death, when we arrive in the world of spirits, and we are put in touch with people of like love. If we are focused on heavenly love, we are put in touch with people in heaven; and if we are focused on carnal love, we are put in touch with people in hell. Further, once the first and second states have been completed the two kinds of people are separated so that they no longer see or recognize each other. We actually become our own love not only as to the deeper levels of our minds but outwardly as well, in face, body, and speech, since we become images of our love even in outward things. People who are carnal loves look coarse, dim, dark, and misshapen; while people who are heavenly loves look lively, clear, bright, and lovely. They are completely different in spirit and in thought as well. People who are heavenly loves are intelligent and wise, while people who are carnal loves are dense and rather silly.

When leave is given to examine the inner and outer aspects of the thoughts and affections of people engaged in heavenly love, the inner reaches look as though they were made of light, in some cases like the light of a flame; and their outer manifestations are of various lovely colors, like a rainbow. In contrast, the inner reaches of people who are engaged in carnal love look gloomy because they are closed in, in some cases like a smoky fire for people who were inwardly maliciously deceptive. Their outer manifestations have an ugly color, depressing to look at (both the inner and outer aspects of the mind and spirit are presented visually in the spiritual world whenever it so pleases the Lord).

People who are engaged in carnal love do not see anything in heaven's light. Heaven's light is darkness to them, while hell's light, which is like the light of glowing embers, is like daylight to them. In fact, in heaven's light their inner sight is deprived of light to the point that they become insane. As a result, they run away from it and hide in caves and caverns of a depth that corresponds to the false convictions that stem from their evil intentions. Exactly the reverse is true for people who are engaged in heavenly love, though. The deeper or higher they enter into heavenly light, the more clearly they see everything and the lovelier it all looks, and the more intelligently and wisely they grasp what is true.

There is no way that people who are engaged in carnal love can live in heaven's warmth, because heaven's warmth is heavenly love. They can live in hell's warmth, though, which is a love of cruelty toward people who do not support them. The pleasures of this love are contempt for others, hostility, hatred, and vengefulness. When they are absorbed in these they are in their very life, with no knowledge whatever of what it means to do good for others out of sheer goodness and for the sake of the good itself. All they know is how to do good out of malice and for the sake of malice.

People who are engaged in carnal love cannot breathe in heaven either. When evil spirits are taken there, they draw breath like someone who is struggling painfully. On the other hand, people who are engaged in heavenly love breathe more freely and feel more alive the deeper into heaven they come.

We may gather from this that a heavenly and spiritual love is heaven for us because everything heavenly is written on that love; and that carnal and worldly love apart from heavenly and spiritual love is hell for us because everything hellish is written on that love.

We can see, then, that people come into heaven who have a heavenly and spiritual love, and people come into hell who have a carnal and worldly love without a heavenly and spiritual one. Emanuel Swedenborg [HH 481]


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